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Julia makes an assortment of traditional European pastries, as well as other special desserts.  Order pastries as a complement to your wedding menu or have some at your next party or holiday gathering.

Minimum orders are 2 dozen per variety.  Please call to place your order at least one week in advance of your event. Prices are subject to change.  

European & Traditional Pastries



Walnut Rolls:  

A 17 inch long sweet bread with a delicious walnut filling rolled inside.  Can be cut into slices and arranged decoratively.  $20.00 per roll

Poppy Seed Rolls:

Same as the walnut roll, but filled with sweet poppy seed filling.  $20.00 per roll


Raspberry Linzer Rings:

Two  cookies with raspberry jam in-between.  $18.00 per dozen


Three thin pastry layers filled  with apricot jam and ground walnuts in-between,  covered with chocolate and cut into bars.  $20.00 per dozen

Vanilla Crescents:

Moon-shaped cookies with ground walnuts and dusted with powdered vanilla sugar.  $14.00 per dozen


Rigo Jancsi:

A scrumptious square of chocolate layers filled with thick chocolate whipped cream and topped with a chocolate coating.  $4.00 each



A thick square of smooth vanilla cream and whipped cream between two layers of delicate puff pastry and topped with caramel glaze.  $4.00 each

Pozsonyi Kifli:

Sweet bread and a delicious walnut filling or plum butter filling rolled into crescents.  $18.00 a dozen




Raspberry Almond Bars: 

A decadent dessert consisting of rich chocolate, raspberry jam, and chopped almonds. $20.00 per dozen

Pecan Pie:

Traditional pecan pie loaded thick with pecans and with a flakey crust. $35.00 each



Coconut squares filled with your choice of chocolate, raspberry or blueberry. $2.50 each


Turos Taska:

Beggar's Purse puff pastry filled with sweet cottage cheese and raisians  $4.00 each



Cream Puffs:

Traditional choux pastry filled with pastry cream and sweet whipped cream.  $3.00 each



Pumpkin Roll:  

A moist pumpkin cake rolled with a cream cheese filling.  $14.00/ roll (without nuts) or $16.00/roll (with chopped  nuts)


Everyone in Ohio is familiar with these treats made of peanut butter and chocolate.  $14.00 per dozen

Salted Cheese Sticks (Sos Stangli):

Tasty cheese sticks great for snacking with a cold beer. $8.00 per dozen


Hungarian Biscuits (Pogacsa)

Salted flaky appetizers baked with a golden, cheesy top. Good with wine, beer, or strong alcohol.  $18.00 per dozen


Beautiful pastries that look like real peaches and have a chocolate filling inside. $4.00 each

Raspberry Streusel Bars:

Tender, fruity and crunchy, filled with raspberry and coated with a tasty struesel. $20.00 per dozen

Blueberry Coffee Cake with Lemon Streusel:

Tender coffee cake loaded with blueberries and topped with streusel and a touch of lemon. $15.00 each


An open 9" pie with a flakey crust and three berries: raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. $30.00 each



Great for parties and weddings alike. Many flavors available. Starts at $3.50 each


Hungarian Kifli:

Traditional bite-size pastries filled with any kind of fruit preserves like apricot, plum, or poppy seed. $16.00 per dozen


Barackos Lepeny:

Soft cakey bars with fresh apricots and chopped walnuts. $16.00 per dozen


Pek Kifli:

Traditional salty crescents like those found in Hungarian bread bakeries. $2.00 each


Zserbo Cookie:

Cookie version of the traditional zserbo bars with apricot, walnut and chocolate. $12.00 per dozen


Thumbprint Cookie:

Simple cookie with any kind of jam, as you prefer. $14.00 per dozen


Chocolate-Dipped Hazelnut Crescent:

Buttery cookie dipped in hazelnut Kahlua liquor. $16.00 per dozen


Coffee Caramel Bars:

Rich and complex. Very delicious. $20.00 per dozen

European Cakes


Dobos torte:

Seven layers of sponge cake with chocolate filling and hard caramel on top.  8 inch  $85.00


Hazelnut Date Torte:

This rich Torte is filled with ground hazelnuts and chopped dates.  A creamy chocolate filling is the traditional complement to this specially.  8 inch $75.00


German Chocolate Cake: 

Three layers of moist chocolate cake topped with traditional icing made with chopped pecans and coconut.  8 inch $75.00

Walnut Torte:

Four layers of  sponge/walnut cake filled with a rich chocolate icing and decorated with ground walnuts. 8 inch $75.00

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